For more than 20 years, AGRICONSULT has offered turnkey grain storage, drying, cleaning and handling solutions on the French market.

GGS was created in 2019. After 22 years of hard work in the French Market, AGRICONSULT created Global Grain Solutions for foreign markets. But who is AGRICONSULT?

Taking inspiration from a trip to North America, AGRICONSULT was founded in 1997 with the mission of providing innovative solutions on the French and European markets to address a fast developing and increasingly demanding storage market. Over time, we have been able to use our expertise to expand our product range to meet the needs of the French market and constantly provide innovative technical solutions.

1997 : Company founded
2001 : Installation of the first flat-bottom storage bins loaded using high-throughput   mobile augers
2003: Addition of a drying bin to our range
2005 : Installation of fixed handling systems (elevators, conveyors, cleaners, etc.)
2007 : Creation of the first industrial benchmark (SOUFFLET site in Luyères)
2010 : Integration of the biomass heater in drying bins
2013 : Distribution partnership for LAW dryers and Marot cleaners.
2014 : Creation of a new logistics platform
2015 : Company takeover by Jérémie CHOISEAU and the company’s executives
2017 : Overhaul of the company image and logo
2019 : creation of GGS for foreign Markets