Placing your crop in a high-quality storage facility after harvesting has a positive effect on its added value.

Whether on account of the distance to the collection point, the desire to allot the harvest, or the wish to maintain marketing freedom over your grain, there are a variety of reasons that lead our customers (storage agencies, cooperatives looking for extra storage capacity, farmers seeking greater autonomy) to consider the possibilities of a storage solution. For these reasons, and on the strength of our experience working alongside our storage customers, at GGS we have defined particular specifications to meet the demands and needs of the market. By controlling your storage you will be able to control the resale of your harvest, in a context where market rates are increasingly volatile, so that you will be in command of your production.

With flat-bottom bins, hopper bins, indoor storage, temporary storage, bulk loading bins,… we can supply “made-to-measure” solutions according to your needs, and make adaptations for add-ons to your installation.

According to the market, we can adapt to ANSI-ASAE, DIN, EUROCODE or other standards. Depending on the location of the installation, new basic data can be incorporated in the structural calculations: internal factors such as stored product loads (angle of repose, density, internal friction) or specific weight, and external factors such as seismic zone, wind, snow, or if the silo is to be situated in a harsh environment (by the sea, for example).


  • Diameters from 3 to 32m
  • Capacity from 34 to 34000 m3
  • Galvanization : 600g/m2
  • Magnelis roof
  • Fast assembly
  • High-quality aeration
  • Simplified civil engineering


  • Diameters from 3 to 12.23m
  • Capacity from 14 to 3449 m3
  • Galvanization : 600g/m2
  • 45°,60° and 66° cone
  • Gravity unloading
  • Above ground system
  • Simplified civil engineering