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Storage project in France 3 flat storage bins of 3246m3 each Equipped for loading and unloading with fixed handling equipment with capacity of 100 tons per hour

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Projet 1

Et quia Montius inter dilancinantium manus spiritum efflaturus Epigonum et Eusebium nec professionem nec dignitatem ostendens aliquotiens increpabat, qui sint hi magna quaerebatur industria, et nequid intepesceret, Epigonus e Lycia philosophus ducitur et Eusebius ab Emissa Pittacas cognomento, concitatus orator, cum quaestor non hos sed

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GGS is proud to present you the BTI range which can be proposed in 3 models and 6 standard capacities (from 40 to 150 T/H) BETTER AT EVERYTHING It’s the little things that count. For example, individually adjustable idlers in the carrying idler set and

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Come and meet us on CDP tradeshow on June 5th and 6th 2019 in Dvory nad Žitavou You will be able to meet our team and see some equipment, especially a storage bin equipped with full aeration floor and unloading system. One of our most

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May 10th 2019 will remain an historical date for GGS. This represents the launching of our new brand and its website, a very exciting challenge for all our team. We are very proud to be able to export our concept to foreign markets and support

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