Our concept

Since any project of such a magnitude requires personalized follow-up, GGS proposes an offer that is unique on the market, with support from the inception of your project to its turnkey delivery. We guarantee seamless project flow with the best products, chosen to meet your needs.


The large investment required for a storage, drying or handling installation implies a long “preproject” reflection phase. This phase may last several months, or even years. GGS supports you through these planning stages, to evaluate all the parameters to be taken into account: analysis of the land to be built on, research into local building standards, works planning, cost estimation, and so on. Our goal is to ensure that you have a clear vision of the costs and procedures involved, so that you can make the best decision.


GGS knows from experience that many technical innovations begin with a rough sketch. From the moment we meet, our technical sales staff will lend an attentive ear to help you determine what you need. Our technicians will come up with drafts and costings based on your ideas and aspirations. One or more cost estimates will be required before deciding on your made-to-measure installation. The accent is always on performance, best value for money, grain protection and safety. Over the course of subsequent meetings, and once revisions have been made, your project should perfectly match your expectations.


An installation’s competitiveness depends to a large degree on the know-how and experience of the

Engineering department. All those involved at GGS and, consequently, in your future installation are specialists in their fields. We offer the guarantee of an optimum investment cost per stored ton thanks to Premium products, and innovative above-ground solutions that are easy to assemble.


Once your order is confirmed, all our teams are mobilized to guarantee that we meet our commitments to you, in terms of delivery deadlines and assembly


As soon as the approvals have been granted, the delivery of your installation will begin. The installation will then be assembled by our GGS teams, in partnership with your teams, or independently. Once acceptance-testing of the project is complete, our technicians will get your  installation up and running.


Need maintenance on your installation ? Rest assured that our hotline is available and responsive.