Our objective is always to consider things from the viewpoint of the customer. This is why we not only concentrate on the products but prefer to favor global solutions, developed on the basis of our customers’ specific needs.

So that you have no difficulties making a choice, we have decided to develop only two product ranges, to satisfy different requirements in terms of capacity, ergonomics and quality.

First range is fixed handling :

GGS can provide a wide range of products entirely in line with its ideal of limiting infrastructure requirements, in particular the engineering work required, while maintaining throughputs and functionalities. The quality, performance and ease of assembly are the result of entirely automated and robotised, ISO 9001-certified, highprecision manufacturing facilities. The quality requirements at all stages (from production to shipping) guarantee total reliability.

Second range is mobile handling :

A totally different concept from fixed handling, this versatile system is an excellent logistics tool for an ultra-competitive investment cost. Filling silos with an auger attaining between 100 and 600 T/H offers considerable time savings in the harvest period, while minimizing investment costs in handling tools.


  • 20 to 600 T/H
  • Self-regulated handling
  • Limiting residue
  • 100% above ground system
  • 3 ranges to suit your needs
  • Rotation controller
  • Overload switch
  • Restart under load
  • Galvanized and bolt fastened
  • NORD geared motor


  • 190 to 600 T/H
  • 18 to 34m long
  • Oven-cured paint
  • Many patents
  • 180° multi-position arm
  • PTO drive
  • No intermediate bearing
  • Stainless steel transition screw
  • Twin screw hopper
    Cleaning hatches in boot