GGS experience behind this reliable, efficient technology, combined with our teams’ know-how, makes for an impeccable choice of solution.

With a full range of concept carefully designed to meet the particular requirements of each user, GGS can answer all customer requirement.  From standard cleaning with rotary cleaner to perfection with optical sorter, GGS has the solution.

The rotary cleaner reputation is mainly due to the originality of its rotary screening system: with its continuous movement and absence of vibration, each grain or particle passes more easily through the perforations.

To be able to complete a top quality selection, GGS has integrated an innovative solution: the optical sorter. Indeed the cameras combination (color / monochrome / infrared) linked to a high performance LED lighting system allows to detect product defect until 0.13mm.

You will also find in the range other products like Dust and Shaft cleaner, alveolar sorter, filters, etc.


  • 60 to 180 T/H for dust removal
  • 35 to 150 T/H for precleaning
  • 5 to 110 T/H for cleaning
  • 3 to 20 T/H for grading


  • Modular : 1 to 5 channels
  • 4 to 12 T/H
  • Up to 4 cameras per channel
  • 400mm touch interface
  • Ethernet connection for remote maintenance
  • Adjustable vibrator
  • Sorting program preprogrammed
  • Monochrome, color and infrared cameras